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My debut novel, THE 25th HOUR, in paperback!

My debut novel, THE 25th HOUR, in paperback!


It’s here! It’s finally in PRINT! See what the UPS man just delivered? I’m tap-dancing with joy. Okay, some people have waited a long time for my debut novel to be available in paperback. Well, HERE it is!

Quick note: It may take a day or two before the Amazon Geeks upload the photo of the paperback, but the book is there. That’s why I’ve used the link, above, which opens to my eBook on Amazon. Just click on ‘Paperback’ and you’re there.

Here’s a short blurb about the story.

Chased through time by her father’s murderer, a lady architect lands in the arms of a 19th century Wyoming rancher. The time-crossed lovers must find the killer before another life is taken—and the window of time separates them, forever.

Ever wonder what sparked the idea for my novel, THE 25th HOUR?

THE 25th HOUR, a Time Travel / Historical Romance

THE 25th HOUR, a Time Travel / Historical Romance

J Logo 75This is a question I hear all the time. Where do I get my ideas to write my books? Well, the ideas come from life itself, from all directions, and when I’m least expecting that specific inspiration. Sometimes, the story comes fairly well developed in my mind. Other times, the story might take years to simmer on the back burner before all the pieces fall into place. I wish I could say I was a fast writer, but the latter is how this book came into being.

Back when I lived in Wyoming, I was in the market to buy a house. My realtor friend and I found an amazing Victorian that was far above my price range, but we toured the mansion anyway, because, in my heart, I love to explore. As pricey as that house was, it still needed all the updates to make it livable in the 21st century. Yeah, we’re talking everything: indoor plumbing, electricity, phones, heating and air conditioning, cable/wireless/Internet, etc. As I walked through each room, the feeling was like I’d come home, but I’d never lived in a house that old or so incredibly gorgeous. The pièce de résistance was the attic, itself, which appeared to be an almost finished third floor. The full-length windows let in the sunlight which played along the exposed rafters. I could almost smell my writer’s haven in that attic, and swore that if I ever won the lottery, I’d buy that house…or have an exact replica built. Since the odds were against me on that, I did the next best thing. I wrote a book with that Victorian house as one of the key characters. That story is my debut novel, a time travel romance titled THE 25th HOUR, and is now available here, at Amazon.com.

Ever have something so special, so unique, happen in your life that no matter how much time has passed, you can’t let it go? What inspires you to jot down a few notes, then find the memory will not leave you alone until you flesh out that story? I’d love to hear about your special moments!