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Getting Healthy in 2014 ~ Weekly Updates!

J Logo 75Hello my friends. Just a quick note to keep everyone in the loop on my commitment to becoming a better ME in 2014. Want to follow my Year of Getting Back to Healthy? I’ll be doing a weekly update HERE.  This is a little diary-like update under my “Walking With Jaye” files, a subfile of the Back At The Ranch tab on this website. Comments are welcome and appreciated!

D-Day for Jaye, or “How to Rediscover Yourself While Walking”

J Logo 75A friend of mine started eating vegetarian and walking/running over a year ago. She’ lost some weight, feels a lot better, and has rediscovered herself. I’ve been supporting her from the sidelines all this time. Yes, it occurred to me that I should begin a good health routine, too. My immediate response was always the same, “I’m too busy. I’ll start as soon as [fill in the blank] project is done. Then I’ll have time for planning my meals and a good exercise routine.”

Quite recently, my niece signed up with a work out plan where she works. Apparently, they have a gym and coaches in the facility. How wonderful for her! I’d take advantage of that if we had those facilities at my day job. Yes, I’m sure I would. Really. (Says the person who’s frittered away more than one gym membership.) Did I mention that I hate going to the gym?

Okay, since that’s not an option, and there will always be [fill in the blank] project that needs my attention, just when did I honestly believe I’d make time for myself? Right, never.

Well, no magical fairy dust is going to descend upon my shoulders and ‘poof!’ I’m fixed. I knew it was time I got my rather large rear-end in gear, dusted off my expensive walking shoes, got out there and started walking. Yeah, like the Nike ad says, “Just do it.”

Today is Sunday, October 27, 2013. It’s just after 1 pm, and I’m sweating. I just finished a 45 minute trek around my neighborhood, and I feel fabulous. But, there’s a big difference today in me feeling fabulous about starting my good health routine than any other time I’ve made this same commitment. Today, the motivation to do this every day, if even for a few minutes, floated in front of my eyes like an apparition of things to come if I didn’t keep this up. You checked the date, right? It’s almost Halloween.



Yeah, most of the neighborhood has their Trick or Treat lawn decorations out, and it was fun seeing all the different displays. Some were cute, some were downright spooky. The one that got my attention like no other was this one. Go ahead. Click on the picture for a really good look. I dare you.

Hello? Are you talking to me?

Damn Skippy, he was. Gulp!

Okay, I got the message. If I don’t take care of myself, I’ll be a bag of bones and dust. Then where will all those awesome [fill in the blank] projects be if I’m not here to finish them?

That picture got me to thinking. Since I’ve always been a bit of an explorer, I should take a picture of something on every walk that inspires me. Each day would be a brand new discovery. It could be anything and I could create an Inspirational Walking Blog. Every day, I could upload another picture and share what I’d found. Not only would that help me stay motivated, but doing the blog would be my own little accountability partner. Commitment. Yeah.

The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. So, I’m starting with my new best friend. I’ve named her Daye. Kind of like D-Day for Jaye. Get it?

Okay, I’ve created a place where you’ll find my accountability page of pictures and comments. I promise, I’ll update it at least once a week. You’ll find it here on my website under the Back At The Ranch tab. It’s called Walking With Jaye.