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It’s Camp Nano Time!

J Logo 75If you’re a procrastinator like me, then it’s the day before a month-long writing fest where the goal is to get approximately 50k new words down on paper…which will then be the rough draft of a brand new book. Yeah. It’s March 31st and the write-a-thon starts tomorrow, April 1st. This is me, scrambling for my Storyboard, 3×5 Note Cards, Scene and Sequel Worksheets, Conflict Worksheets…and where-oh-where did I file that Synopsis I’d drafted a while back?

It’s all good though. I’ve found all my cheat sheets that will get this story kick-started. I’ve made a date to spend the day with a writer friend, too. Together, we’ll brainstorm all the basics, drink a couple gallons of iced tea, and end the day with a couple fun new books. Then, it’s solitary confinement for the month of April as we hit those keyboards.

See y’all on the other side of a finished book. Wish us luck!