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The 25th Hour, by Jaye Garland

Debut Novel by Jaye Garland THE 25th HOUR

Debut Novel by Jaye Garland

The 25th Hour, by Jaye Garland. Chased through time by her father’s murderer, Houston architect Sheridan Wells unwittingly ‘erases’ herself and hurtles back to 1877 Wyoming Territory, to the moment that changed her family’s history forever—to the source of her father’s wealth—wealth the villain swears is his.

Heart locked by guilt, widower Alexander Reed, a War of the Rebellion hero-turned-rancher, attempts to disprove the transient woman’s story, labels her a charlatan and intends to dismiss her, but his precocious daughter has already claimed Sheridan as her new mother.

When the villain renews his quest for wealth and vengeance, Sheridan and Alexander must combine forces to defeat the crazed killer. This time, and no matter the cost—Alexander vows to protect his family. Will Sheridan’s stalker claim his due, or will she find sanctity within the family of her heart…before the window of time fades forever into the 25th hour?

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J Logo 75New York Publisher Signs Houston Talent

Soul Mate Publishing, a budding publishing house in New York discovered a bevy of talented writers both prior to and during a visit to the Lone Star Conference, an event hosted by the Northwest Chapter of the RWA.
This is my very first bit of publicity. Awesome! Here’s the link: