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Yes, I’ve Googled you!

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Janet here, and wearing my editor’s hat for a moment . . . 🙂

The publishing industry is changing–by the day–so don’t think you’re the only one who can’t keep up. No one can. Gaining the eye of a coveted editor is tough enough, but you’ve already lost the war if you’ve never stepped foot on the battlefield. What I mean by that is, everyone must ‘up their game plan’. No longer is it the responsibility of the publisher, only, to handle promotion. Those days are long gone. Even the Big 5 authors know they must be active on social networks and do the bulk of their own promotion.

When I fall in love with a submission, to the point that I would love to dig in and help the author turn their story into the best it can be, do I care whether or not that author has established an online presence? You bet I do! I’ve Googled every single potential author that’s landed in my Inbox. So far, I’ve been able to find some form of an online presence for all but one author.

Did that author’s lack of an online presence keep me from working with her? Nope, but her book was incredibly riveting. I knew, before we’d complete the revision process, she would have time to get things rolling–and she’s done it. Bless her heart!

Taking on a new project is a big decision. If I’m on the fence, the lack of an online presence just might be the deciding factor. Don’t let that be you. Make me love your book–and you–enough that I can’t afford not to offer that contract.

Happy writing,