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2014 ~ Welcome!

J Logo 75I’ve posted this with my powerhouse online critique group, The Lalalas, and realized I need to make this same commitment here on my own website.

So, without further ado, here are the top three writing-related things I’ve accomplished in 2013!

1. Published my debut novel, The 25th Hour! It’s a Time Travel / Historical Western Romance.

2. Rubbed elbows with industry giants, newbie writers, and everyone in between, all year long, by chairing the NWHRWA chapter contest.

3. Sorry, can’t yet share this one, but I promise y’all will be the first to know—as soon as I’m free to discuss.

Now, these are the top 3 writing-related things I WILL accomplish in 2014.

1. I will finish my follow up book to 25th Hour, The Golden Bridge, a Historical American Western. 1a. I will draft the outline/synopsis/guide sheets to a Contemporary American Western which is not yet titled—aka: Shelby’s Story.

2. I will actively BLOG/FB/Goodreads/Twitter, a minimum of seven hours (all social media combined) each week of the year.

3. I will attend the 2014 RT and RWA annual conferences, at least two chapter conferences and/or workshops, plus the month-long Scrivener for Windows workshop for which I’ve already registered. It starts in February.

And, as a final thought. Here’s one thing I’m going to let go of and stop feeling guilty about.

Nope, not a whit of guilt on this one. This is my year of Letting Go and Moving into New Endeavors! With this major life change of mine (my retirement from the Pesky Day Job), I will let the Universe carry me where it deems I need to be. My day-to-day plan is in place, but those glittery side roads I’ve kept at bay and not explored for lack of time are now calling my name. Adventure and new discoveries await. Seriously, this is going to be a great year!