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The Golden Heart Awards – the Junior Prom of RWA

Entering a manuscript into the RWA Golden Heart contest is like getting a date to the Junior prom. Junior, as in you’ve not yet qualified for the Senior prom which would be the annual contest for published authors, i.e.: the RWA Rita Awards.

So, I’ve entered this year’s GH. Twice. Once with my Time Travel Romance, and once with my Historical Romance. That’s two separate books, each in a different category. To use a high school analogy, does that up my chances of making the finals? (That elusive date to the prom?) I’m no mathematician, and I’m certain this isn’t an Einstein-esk issue, but to me it’s the arithmetic challenge of the year. You can’t go to the dance if you don’t buy a ticket. I just bought two, so let’s see if I get invited to the Junior Prom.

But first, we have the opportunity, this year, to spit-polish-shine our entries until January 2nd at 5 pm, Central. If our revised product is not uploaded by then, well, they’re judging what’s currently in their system. Kinda puts the pressure on, especially if you know your work could still be improved. You want your very best work in the final upload.

That will be me, editing/revising/polishing, right up to the deadline. If I’m not around here very much in the next five weeks, you know what I’m doing. I’ll check back, for sure, once the deadline for entries has officially closed. Happy polishing, y’all!