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Life Notes

So, The Hubs, otherwise known as Mr. Jaye, gave me quite the scare last night. Thanks to him, we’ve discovered a cute little health trick called Cough Syncopy. After a 14 hour stint at the local ER, we found out that his heart is healthy, thank God, but he’d blacked out here at home due to lack of oxygen to his brain while coughing. Who knew? Okay, maybe some of you already knew about this but it’s news to us. His cardiologist yelled at him, appropriately, for not getting checked earlier for bronchitis and put him on a Z-pac. Dr also said Hubs couldn’t drive until his cough is completely gone. If you know my guy, you know he’s into his ‘wheels’. So, I will be taking ALL the car keys with me whenever I leave the house…just in case. And, I’ll be playing taxi driver this next week IF he decides he’s able to work.

Can you say H-O-U-S-T-O-N  T-R-A-F-F-I-C ??? Oy!