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More Website Issues: Merging

I’ve been playing around with a couple practice sites on WordPress to get a better handle on what I’d prefer for my live website: visual appearance, user-friendliness, necessary pages, widgets, etc., Of course, the attributes I liked best didn’t all end up on the same practice site.

It would have been fine to simply use the one site that looked the best and move on with it, but there was one problem. The web address wasn’t the one I needed in which to ‘go live’. Its web address was “JayeLearns.wordpress.com” and that just wasn’t gonna happen.

Looking up the Help features gave me a couple options.

  • I could Rename the good practice site to what I wanted. But that name, “jayegarland.wordpress.com”, was already in use.
  • I could move everything that I liked from “JayeLearns” over to the “jayegarland.wordpress.com” web address. But, that meant reformatting the entire site and more time invested.

I chose the second option. The payoff was clear. I already had everything I wanted figured out via the practice sites and the good address was already mine.

‘Nuff said. I got busy and here’s the result. I’m quite happy with my decision. Now, on to the next step. As soon as I figure out what that is, I’ll be back. Muah!

Website update…

Writing Historical Romance is like digging up Jewels from our past and polishing the rough edges till the glitter and brilliance shines through.

Hello World, I’m diving into the deep end of the Internet. Yeah, that’s me, brave soul that I am and determined to figure this out. Don’t laugh, I know y’all have been doing this for ages, but I seem to lag behind the whole world. Well, someone dared me to get this done and, if you know me at all, that’s just the meanest thing to do to me. LOL! So, here I am…learning. Lalala!