Wills & Estates: PLAN for it, baby!


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Writing Historical Romance is like digging up Jewels from our past and polishing the rough edges till the glitter and brilliance shines through.

Writing Historical Romance is like digging up Jewels from our past and polishing the rough edges till the glitter and brilliance shines through.

What happens to your literary works, published or still in draft form, when you die? If you’re an artist, of any medium, you need to protect your work beyond your own days here on this beautiful earth. You owe it to your loved ones to set this up now, before you think you need to, and no, it’s not inviting death to your door. Creating a will and setting up survivor’s rights to your real and intellectual property is the same thing as carrying an umbrella–just in case there might be rain, you (your literary works) will be protected.

If you’re still not convinced, click the link below. Neil Gaiman says it best, and he’s made it terrifically simple by providing a Do-It-Yourself form. Fill it out using Option 1 or Option 2, and BAM! You’re done. Thanks for playing!


Well, that didn’t take nearly as long as I’d expected. Many thanks to those working behind the scenes to get my book title correct. WooHOO!

If you’re not in the know, scroll down to the previous post. You’ll laugh. I did!  Anyway, now Y’all can pop on over to AMAZON and get your copy. Hurry, before the title changes again. 😉

Book Cover & Amazon Page now match!

Book Cover & Amazon Page now match!

Any title will do, right? Um…no!

Wanna see something funny? Quick, before they fix it… Check out the title on my newly released paperback book cover, then look at the title Amazon shows in the description. Talk about a promotional boon! Yeah, I’m laughing, but I’m taking that title for a future book in my string of stories for “The 25th” series.  I’ve taken a screenshot for posterity, but you can see it live, HERE, at least until it’s corrected.

Title mix-up, Amazon

Title mix-up, Amazon

My First Official Book Signing!

My first book signing, 04/05/2014

My first book signing at NTBF, 04/05/2014

Finally, it happened. I attended my very FIRST published author book signing. WooHoo! Here’s the scoop…

My good friend and multi-published author, Carla Rossi, and I drove up to Denton, Texas, to attend the North Texas Book Festival. We arrived the night before, so we had a chance to scope out the town.

Denton is picture-perfect, small town America, complete with the town square at the top of the hill. The old courthouse with its century-old charm dominates the shopping district. At Cartwright’s Ranch House, right on the city square, I enjoyed the best catfish dinner, ever.

Carla Rossi at NTBF, 04/08/2014

Carla Rossi at NTBF, 04/05/2014


We claimed our author table, and with a signing veteran at my side, the day couldn’t be lovelier. I learned so much with Carla at my side. We sold some books, traded with other authors, enjoyed pizza provided by the good folks at NTBF, and I won a door prize.

Best personal moment? Signing my paperback for a total stranger. Natch! True, I’ve signed bookmarks for people I’d never met before, and blogged about it. (See Sept. 24th, “Jaye’s Moment of Fame” for a quite unexpected and funny encounter in an airport.) But, signing the paperback novel is an experience akin to holding your newborn baby. The heart swells with joy at what you have accomplished, and pride with how well it turned out, thanks to a great publisher.

One of my clients, Angela Christina Archer, and me at the NTBF, 04/05/2014

One of my clients, Angela Christina Archer, and me at the NTBF, 04/05/2014

Best professional moment? I met fellow Soul Mate Publishing author, Angel Christina Archer and her author friend, Sabrina Fish.

Angel Christina Archer and Sabrina Fish at the NTBF, 04/05/2014

Angel Christina Archer and Sabrina Fish at the NTBF, 04/05/2014

They drove down from the Oklahoma City area.






I edited Angela’s debut novel, The Woman On The Painted Horse, which is an awesome story. Angela is a very talented author! (What, you didn’t know I’m also an editor? See the “News” tab on this website.)

Having learned a few new tricks—including what to bring and not to bring—I’m off to fine tune my travel kit for future book signings. Happy Dance!


My debut novel, THE 25th HOUR, in paperback!

My debut novel, THE 25th HOUR, in paperback!


It’s here! It’s finally in PRINT! See what the UPS man just delivered? I’m tap-dancing with joy. Okay, some people have waited a long time for my debut novel to be available in paperback. Well, HERE it is!

Quick note: It may take a day or two before the Amazon Geeks upload the photo of the paperback, but the book is there. That’s why I’ve used the link, above, which opens to my eBook on Amazon. Just click on ‘Paperback’ and you’re there.

Here’s a short blurb about the story.

Chased through time by her father’s murderer, a lady architect lands in the arms of a 19th century Wyoming rancher. The time-crossed lovers must find the killer before another life is taken—and the window of time separates them, forever.

It’s Camp Nano Time!

J Logo 75If you’re a procrastinator like me, then it’s the day before a month-long writing fest where the goal is to get approximately 50k new words down on paper…which will then be the rough draft of a brand new book. Yeah. It’s March 31st and the write-a-thon starts tomorrow, April 1st. This is me, scrambling for my Storyboard, 3×5 Note Cards, Scene and Sequel Worksheets, Conflict Worksheets…and where-oh-where did I file that Synopsis I’d drafted a while back?

It’s all good though. I’ve found all my cheat sheets that will get this story kick-started. I’ve made a date to spend the day with a writer friend, too. Together, we’ll brainstorm all the basics, drink a couple gallons of iced tea, and end the day with a couple fun new books. Then, it’s solitary confinement for the month of April as we hit those keyboards.

See y’all on the other side of a finished book. Wish us luck!