Ceramic Cooktops and Hubby Training–not!

J Logo 75Since moving into this house a few years back, I’ve struggled with keeping my ceramic cooktop clean and shiny. When it’s clean it shows every little bit of dropped crust or crumb–even the remnants of an attack of  salt and pepper seasoning by Hubby Dear, aka: Captain Bulldog. [Yes, he’s earned that nickname, folks.]  CB will often use the clean cooking surface to heat/toast a tortilla. [See what I mean?] Okay, I get how that is easier than dragging out a frying pan, but seriously? It leaves a burnt mess that seems as if it’s become part of the ceramic. [Again, he’s earned that nickname.]

stovestove topWell, this week I stumbled upon the answer to keeping that ceramic cooktop looking clean and shiny–almost brand new. We’ve been using a special liquid cleaner made just for these types of cooktops, but it works best if it sits for a few minutes. I’d started to do up the dishes and wipe down the kitchen countertops when I noticed that Captain Bulldog had recently made tortillas, so I grabbed my bottle of stove top magic, smeared it all over the wet surface, and went on to other chores.

Yup, forgot about the cleaner on the cooktop…and dinner time rolled around. We made do with microwave popcorn because we were both dealing with deadlines which isn’t such an unusual situation around here. Anyway, that was four days ago. One day soon, I’ll finish cleaning the stove, but I’m having way too much fun seeing how long it will be before Captain Bulldog breaks down and finally says something about it. <chuckle-snort-giggle>If you liked this true story, remind me to tell you how I’ve gotten out of cooking these past twenty years. No joke!

Okay, so what’s your most dreaded household chore, and how do you deal with it, or not?



In the Year 2044 . . .

Goals Vision Mission CUBEIt’s June, the sixth month of the year. Time to review the 2014 Goals y’all made at the beginning of the year. But, let’s take things a little further. Project yourself into the future, let’s say about 20 or 30 years from now. Ah! That makes it a bit more interesting. So, what would your Author Bio look like, two or three decades from now?

Why wait? Write that bio, now, but have a little fun with it. Go ahead. I double-dog-dare you! Just to show I’m willing to put it out there, too, here’s mine in the form of a news bulletin. But, if you know anything about me, you’ll already know to insert tongue firmly in cheek before reading.

GOALS-014 June 2044

Houston (AP)  Jaye Garland, founder of Star Quest Industries, an innovative publications and distribution corporation, recently acquired Global Cybernetics. Ms. Garland championed authors’ rights her entire career, and this merger is a predestined marriage too long in the making. Readers around the world will now have immediate access to their favorite genres, and all formats will be readily available to each of the buyer’s devices. Ms. Garland is best known for her New Adult Romance serials which took electronic media by storm.

If my faux bio stirs your blood, even a little bit, to take a gander at your current accomplishments, and then play that against where you’d really like to be [[could be!]] in several years’ time, then my job here is done. Thanks for playing!