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Me, at about nine months. My very first “Head Shot”.

I’ve heard authors say they’ve been writing since the first time they held a crayon in their pre-kindergarten hands. Other than chubby little fingers, I wasn’t that child.

Raised on a ranch in South Dakota, my childhood days were filled with exploring the vast Great Plains, on foot or horseback. You find the very best discoveries when you’re down in the dirt and bonding with Mother Nature. My favorite pastime was pretending to be Sacajawea and exploring all the local creek-beds and pastures, building forts, and waging imaginary war against invading pirates or Vikings. Of course, I was the heroine and my team always won.

Upon earning a degree, entering the traditional work force and raising a family, my world seemed complete–until a raging blizzard knocked out our electricity. No cartoons for the kids, and I (the adventure queen) was trapped indoors for ten icy and snowdrift days with my two young sons who were just as hungry for the outdoors. That’s when I discovered Romance novels and my new joy. After that, I read every romantic escapade I could get my hands on, but my thirst for adventure soon craved more than those wonderful authors provided.

A visit to my dad’s ranch restored my adventurous soul. On the drive home, I scribbled a skeleton plot on the back of an envelope and made the leap from avid reader to heartfelt writer, and I relished this new commitment. Thanks to that momentous but narrow plot, I was back doing what I dearly loved–living vicariously through characters of my own creation.

Me, Kissing the Blarney Stone, Blarney Castle, Ireland.

Along life’s way, I’ve explored many trails. Some were paved, some were strewn with pebbles. All were necessary to get me where I am today, a serious writer with numerous stories lining my submission shelf.

Thanks to my very own oil-man hero hubby, I’ve lived my life as one of my fictional characters. Together, we’ve traveled the world and enjoyed great adventures…all the while, I’ve been collecting scraps of plots and snippets of characters for future writing adventures.

Happy Trails to All! Love, Jaye

PS: please check out the “News, Appearances, and Events” page. I’m revealing my alter-ego!

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