Lilac bush – update!

My little lilac bush I’d transplanted from my South Dakota trip last summer has survived the brutal southern winter. It dropped all its pretty heart-shaped leaves in anticipation of harsher times to come, I’m sure, but it never froze. Well, maybe it did that one night–for about an hour, just before dawn. But, does that even count? Ha! I’ll be watching these buds, hoping they’re nourished and thriving, eager to burst forth with glossy dark leaves. Fingers crossed!Spring Buds 3-17-2016

2 thoughts on “Lilac bush – update!

    • Maura, all my attempts to plant lilacs when in Houston were for naught. Summers are just too hot, and hardly ever got cold enough in the winter for them to bloom–if they survived. Now that we’re at a higher elevation, I have hope! If this doesn’t work, you’ll just have to keep me supplied with pictures of lilacs. 😉

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