Saga of my little Lilac Bush

J Logo 75My recent road trip up north brought back many fond memories of home and all things South Dakota. How much I’ve missed my favorite flower, the lilac! Their beauty is unmatched, especially when paired with their unique scent. Sadly, my home in coastal Texas has been too far south for a lilac bush to survive, let alone, thrive and blossom. It’s not the intense southern heat, it’s the lack of a real winter. These hardy bushes actually need the longer winter months to generate those huge, heavenly scented blossoms.

Well, with our recent move to the edge of the Texas Hill Country, I’m giving lilac bushes a try. My dear friends near my home town of Mission, Walt and Sonja Lurz, donated part of their bush and a bucket of native soil. I’m giving that bush every possible chance, including scattering ice chips near the root system to extend my southern winter. LOL! Wish me luck. I’ll keep y’all posted on my little lilac’s progress.

My favorite flower, lilacs!

My favorite flower, lilacs!

4 thoughts on “Saga of my little Lilac Bush

  1. Lilacs are one of my favorites, too. When we moved into our house, that was one of the first things I planted. It took two years before it started blooming but well worth the wait. I love cutting some and bringing that heavenly scent inside for a few days. I especially love having a sprig of it on my nightstand. So soothing as I drop off to sleep. 🙂

    Good luck with yours, Jaye. With your fabulous love and determination behind it, I bet it will be the best little lilac in Texas! 🙂

    • Thank you for stopping by, Maura, and I see you’re about to head out to RWA15. Have a blast, and share your experiences when you get home. ♥

      Lalala Lilac Hugs,

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