My First Official Book Signing!

My first book signing, 04/05/2014

My first book signing at NTBF, 04/05/2014

Finally, it happened. I attended my very FIRST published author book signing. WooHoo! Here’s the scoop…

My good friend and multi-published author, Carla Rossi, and I drove up to Denton, Texas, to attend the North Texas Book Festival. We arrived the night before, so we had a chance to scope out the town.

Denton is picture-perfect, small town America, complete with the town square at the top of the hill. The old courthouse with its century-old charm dominates the shopping district. At Cartwright’s Ranch House, right on the city square, I enjoyed the best catfish dinner, ever.

Carla Rossi at NTBF, 04/08/2014

Carla Rossi at NTBF, 04/05/2014


We claimed our author table, and with a signing veteran at my side, the day couldn’t be lovelier. I learned so much with Carla at my side. We sold some books, traded with other authors, enjoyed pizza provided by the good folks at NTBF, and I won a door prize.

Best personal moment? Signing my paperback for a total stranger. Natch! True, I’ve signed bookmarks for people I’d never met before, and blogged about it. (See Sept. 24th, “Jaye’s Moment of Fame” for a quite unexpected and funny encounter in an airport.) But, signing the paperback novel is an experience akin to holding your newborn baby. The heart swells with joy at what you have accomplished, and pride with how well it turned out, thanks to a great publisher.

One of my clients, Angela Christina Archer, and me at the NTBF, 04/05/2014

One of my clients, Angela Christina Archer, and me at the NTBF, 04/05/2014

Best professional moment? I met fellow Soul Mate Publishing author, Angel Christina Archer and her author friend, Sabrina Fish.

Angel Christina Archer and Sabrina Fish at the NTBF, 04/05/2014

Angel Christina Archer and Sabrina Fish at the NTBF, 04/05/2014

They drove down from the Oklahoma City area.






I edited Angela’s debut novel, The Woman On The Painted Horse, which is an awesome story. Angela is a very talented author! (What, you didn’t know I’m also an editor? See the “News” tab on this website.)

Having learned a few new tricks—including what to bring and not to bring—I’m off to fine tune my travel kit for future book signings. Happy Dance!

22 thoughts on “My First Official Book Signing!

  1. The thrill never goes away no matter how many book signings. The thought that a stranger is interested in what you have written is always thrilling. Signing that inside page is just the best!

    • Angela, I’m snickering at your comment because it took me all day to scribble my notes into a post that made sense. Then, I had to wrestle the photos into the piece. Yeah, call me brain dead. All that excitement was a killer. Ha! AND FOR THE RECORD, Angela, you are a very talented and beautiful person–inside and out. <3

  2. Congratulations Jaye, I will be expecting lunch and a signing when I get my copy in the mail. So proud of what you are accomplishing.

  3. So glad to read about your first signing–did you get my texts? I wish I could’ve been there to cheer for you. Book signings are always special and fun but the first one will forever hold a special place in your heart.

    • PJ, I felt your presence and I remember your first signing! Well, I guess I’m thinking of the first one of yours I was able to attend. That was very special to me. I was so happy for you! And yes, I did get your text, but I’ve been next to comatose. I’m just now coming up for air. Calling you now! 😉

  4. Sounds like you had an awesome time, Jaye! Wonderful! I’ve had three signings now and have enjoyed each one! So great to connect with people face-to-face! Here’s to many more! Cheers!

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